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Kidney Support Gold is one of the best natural supplement for dogs who are experiencing kidney related issues. An FDA approved the product, Kidney Support Gold is highly organic and complies with all CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine) practices that are essential for a pet’s dietary supplement. Read on to know more.

Kidney support gold has a faithful number of customers. With dogs at the age of 2 years to 12 years, there have been success stories and some not so successful one. The number of reviews provided by customers where sincere and there is no doubt that they tried the product to the best. But with all products and medication, there are cases of failures. Most failures are attributed to poor diagnosis, while some are genuinely not working.

Like humans who respond well to some medication, while the same medication may not work for other, natural remedies are the same too. Some of the ingredients do not work effectively with some dogs and this may be due to some of the factors including environmental conditions and diet. For instance, dogs with a commercial food diet have been known to heal slower than those who have a natural raw diet. Even a switch to natural diet while on medication helps drastically improve the health of the pet. With some food with chemicals and preservatives, some of the natural remedies are either slow or do not work at all. Its the same with some of the environmental conditions.

With that said, we would urge you to check on some of the Kidney support gold reviews by customers who have tried the product and have had success or failures before you buy them. What better way than to know the user’s review before you buy a product?

Reviews On Kidney Support Gold

Kidney Support Gold is a great help for the aging canine friends who would be finding it difficult to maintain a normal and healthy kidney functioning. They may need an external support for kidney functioning. It helps in maintaining the energy level, improves the immune system, and helps maintain and normal appetite, thirst, and urination. Since the kidneys are the most vulnerable organ in dogs supporting this will be the best way to have a normal aging.

Kidney Support Gold Ingredients

Kidney Support Gold is a combination of relevant herbs and a fungus. This is more of a natural tonic in effect. It contains the natural tonics Cordyceps mycelium and Rehmannia root. These two ingredients are popular in Chinese medicine in treating kidney diseases. They also stimulate the immune system and improve the immunity. There will be fewer chances of falling ill when you give your pet Kidney Support Gold. The Rehmannia root promotes normal urination and flushes out the toxins and excess urea preventing chances of kidney stones. The other two ingredients are Dong Quai, and Astragalus root extracts are mostly used in combination with each other. The former helps in oxygen transportation to the tissues and lessen chances of oxidation. It also promotes normal blood circulation, reducing the chances of accumulation of toxins. Astragalus normalizes the gene expression thereby maintain normal kidney functioning.

Kidney Support Gold Dosage

The dosage of the liquid medication Kidney Support Gold highly depends on the weight of the dog. The number of drops that are given orally is proportionate to the weight. It is one drop each for every 2 pounds of weight for dogs that weigh up to 50 pounds. If the body weight is more than 50 pounds one additional drop is added for every extra 4 lbs. The drops may be dropped directly onto the mouth or mixed with the acceptable food or drink of the dog.


Side Effects and Cautionary Notes

There is no kind of side effects for Kidney Support Gold. But it is not to be used with any blood thinners. Safe administering it to pregnant and nursing dogs is not established. It is good to avail medical advice before administering the dog.

Kidney Support Gold for Dogs

Just like humans, even dogs go through certain stages of health issues and kidney or renal problems are one of them. Kidneys help the body stabilize the blood pressure and remove all the toxic waste from the body. Dogs prefer to eat anything that is served on their platter but mostly it should contain protein and calcium. A balanced diet is important to dogs as well. As dogs tend to eat raw foods, make sure that they are fed on a limited quantity as they are easily vulnerable to infections and diseases. For eg: raw meat can release high toxins which are harmful for dogs. If you notice signs such as frequent urination, or excessive drinking of water, take the dog to your vet immediately. Some dogs may lose their appetite or may vomit their foods. Don’t take a chance and consulting your vet may be the best option to save your pet. Other signs such as bad breath, abdominal pain, seizures are symptoms that your pet may be having a kidney failure.

Diagnoses and Treatments

After the vet checks your dog, he will check the CRF (chronic renal failure) report depending on how serious the situation is. If it is an acute renal failure, your pet will be treated with intravenous fluid therapy for days or weeks depending on the situation which will be continued by regular check on blood samples and your dog’s appetite normalcy. In chronic renal failure, the situation is much worse but there are hopes if taken immediate measures at the right time. It can be treated with proper restrictions on foods along with omega-3 fatty acids supplement which are the best remedies for curing CRF in dogs.

Kidney Support Gold for dogs

Although a lot of over-the-counter allopathic drugs are available in markets, it’s better to avoid them since a lot of antibiotic medicines such as pills/injections can do wrong to dogs too just like humans. It is best to go for herbal remedies which are completely void of side effects. One of the best herbal remedies available is Kidney Support Gold which is specially designed for dogs suffering from renal failure. Founded in 2001 by, Kidney Support Gold provides you with balancing the electrolytes while maintaining the creatinine and blood urea excreted by the kidneys. It also helps in improving your dog’s immunity power. As Kidney Support Gold ingredients are completely made of herbal products such as Cordyceps mycelium, Rehmannia root, Dong Quai root etc, it can be used on pregnant dogs too. There are a lot of people who have voiced their opinions on Kidney Support Gold for Dogs and they have found it quite effective and a life-saver of their pets and surprisingly we have not found any side effects to this medicine. It is recommended not to use Kidney Support Gold before consulting a veterinarian and should never be used with blood thinners.


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