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Kidney Support Gold A Herbal Product For Dog Kidney Support


The Kidney Support Gold is a herbal medicine for, you guessed it, kidney support in dogs. The main functions of kidneys includes regulating blood pressure, blood sugar levels, the water composition in blood, the pH levels, producing red blood cells and even some hormones, separating waste from the blood and there are many more functions.

The major symptoms of kidney failure in dogs are:

Kidney Support Gold can help support the kidneys when these symptoms arise, bringing back normalcy to the functions. The main causes of kidney failure are urinary blockage, certain medications with side effects, diabetes mellitus and there can be genetic factors as well. Lymphoma can also cause this problem.

Kidney diseases can be treated in many ways, usually intravenous fluid treatment is done, to take the burden off the kidneys. Dialysis, various drugs and even kidney transplants can be done. It is best not to let the renal failure reach such extreme levels. If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms, there are methods to further confirm the kidney failure. Kidney Support Gold can be given to gently restore the proper working of the kidneys.

The powerful formula of Kidney Support Gold has been tested by holistic veterinarians. The extracts used in the medicine have been scientifically researched and proven to provide good kidney health. It is an excellent way of treating elderly dogs as the effect of the medicine is very gentle. The Kidney Support Gold will give your dog a longer and healthier life.

Proper nutrition has to be provided to the dogs in order to have an overall good health. The Kidney Support Gold is appreciated for its tonic like effects on the body. The necessary nutrients are provided in such a way that the dog’s aging body can easily absorb it. The quality of the medicine, Kidney Support Gold, has also been tested.


Kidney Support Gold for dogs: Healthy kidney functions


The Kidney Support Gold for dogs is a wonderful natural product that can promote the healthy functioning of dog kidneys. The kidney disease like Chronic Kidney Failure (CKF) and kidney stones can be a major cause of death in dogs, especially older dogs. The kidney failure occurs when the kidney can no longer concentrate the urine with the toxins that have to be excreted from the body. If the kidney is healthy, the urine passes out all the toxins and unwanted materials from the body, but a failure can cause the toxins to continually circulate in the body and sometimes form sediments in the kidneys.

Symptoms of Dog Kidney Disease:

and so on

Use of Kidney Support Gold for a dog

If you notice any of the above symptoms recurring in your dog, it is best to immediately consult a vet. The kidney failure may be due to the ingestion of poison into the body. There are several ways of treating the dog like dialysis, fluid treatment, prescription drugs and you can even put your dog through a kidney transplant. In all these cases, there is a possibility that your dog will come out weaker than before.

The Kidney Support Gold is an organically cultivated medicine. The ingredients are wild harvested and all the raw materials used in the preparation of the medicine are tested for high potency. It is also made sure that the full biological spectrum of the ingredients are preserved in the medicine. All the batches of Kidney Support Gold are also tested. It is such a high quality product that Pet Wellbeing brings to you for the good kidney health of your dog. The labs used for preparation are FDA and GMP certified as well.

What can you do?

In addition to giving your dog the Kidney Support Gold, you can also make sure that your dog gets the necessary amounts of water and food per day. The diet should be low in sodium as high blood pressure is also noticed in the dogs with kidney failure. You can reduce the strain on the kidneys by reducing the phosphate in the diet as well. Consulting a vet for more details is recommended.


Kidney Support Gold: Kidney health in your pets


Kidney Support Gold is a natural medicine for the normal functioning of the kidneys of cats and dogs. It is safe to use and can be used for a long term to support renal functions. The medicine contains time honored herbs which are used in traditional Asian medicines for good health of kidneys and for the overall health.

The Kidney Support Gold can do the following functions:

In addition to taking Kidney Support gold, it is recommended that you give your pet sufficient amount of water. This very important for the health of the kidneys as this is the medium to remove waster from the body. The phosphate and protein quantity in the diet has to be low, for the undisturbed functioning of kidneys.

It is recommended that the Kidney Support Gold not be used along with blood thinners (other medications). There is also a 90- day money back guarantee on the product. You will definitely start noticing the difference in your pets’ lives before that!

To prepare the Kidney Support Gold, organically cultivated and wild harvested herbs are used. They also use proper manufacturing methods, certified by the GMP in order to prepare the medicine. Also, the full biochemical spectrum of the herbs used in preparation are preserved in the product so that you get a high quality and fully potent medicine for your pets renal kidney health. The labs making the medicine are also FDA approved and certified. All the batches coming out of these labs are tested for quality.

The Kidney Support Gold can support the kidneys of your pets during the two most common kidney problems: Chronic Kidney Failure and presence of kidney stones. These problems arise as they age, although they can occur younger ages as well. These are the main causes of chronic illness and death in dogs and cats.


Kidney Support Gold reviews: Natural dog kidney health


Pet owners with dogs or cats facing kidney problems will find the Kidney Support Gold reviews very helpful. The herbal product has helped many dogs gain back proper kidney functions in a short time. The reviews say that the effect of the medicine has been seen in as less as 2 days! Even vets were surprised by the change in the pet’s kidney functions and in the overall health.

Positive Kidney Support Gold reviews:

The Kidney Support Gold reviews say that the dogs which have been administered with this medicine have lived much longer than expected. In some dogs, the creatinine levels had gone beyond control, but with regular use of the medicine, the levels reduced. In yet another Kidney Support Gold review, the owner had to wait for a little longer to start seeing the effects.

The main problems most of the pet owners face when their dogs or cats have kidney failure is that they simply refuse to eat. Most of them had to find methods to force down the food. In such a situation, many of the drugs used to relieve the dog of the disease proved ineffective as it was difficult to make them eat food and also to keep them from vomiting it. The natural bacon flavor of the Kidney Support Gold was found to be a blessing by many of the reviewers.

With regular use of the medicine, the pets usually improve their intake and there is an overall improvement in their health. The medicine goes to the roots of the cause to prevent the disease from disrupting the lives of the animals.

Negative Kidney Support Gold reviews:

Some of the users found no use of the medicine, though some do admit that the dogs or cats had been too far gone for the medicine to have effect. One of the reviews says that they had no trouble getting the dog to consume the medicine, although her dog was too ill to actually asses the effects and died soon.

Yet another Kidney Support Gold review says that if the medicine had been present earlier, it might have been helpful for the dog.


It is clear from the Kidney Support Gold reviews that watching out for the symptoms of kidney diseases and administering the medicine at early stages of the disease has brought most changes.


Ingredients Of Kidney Support Gold

kidneysupportgoldKidney Support Gold, as the name suggests is a medication that helps in supporting the normal functioning of the kidneys in dogs. It is mostly used as a helping aid for the aging dogs that are not able to maintain normal kidneys as they age. Kidney Support Gold acts as a tonic and flushes out any toxins and maintain and steady urination and also monitor the mineral content in the blood and urine. The ingredients are all well chosen according to their usefulness in treating kidney troubles. There are four ingredients in Kidney Support Gold, one is a fungus and the other three are herbs.


Side Effects and Cautionary Notes

The Kidney Support Gold is a safe and natural formula in supporting kidney functions. No chemicals are added in this. There is no risk of side effects and none are reported so far. But it is not supposed to administer along with blood thinners. Administering it to pregnant or nursing dogs is not advisable. It is suitable to use on both young and old dogs for a longer time. But it is always safe to consult the veterinarian before administering it to the canines.


Kidney Support Gold – Side effects


Kidney Support Gold was introduced in the market with a goal to cure kidney related problems in dogs. This kidney related problems are found in dogs that are older in age. When timely treatment is taken for your dogs, they will be cured from kidney issues and will maintain a long healthy body.

As like all medicines are not tasty, especially when it comes for dogs, Kidney Support Gold comes with a delicious natural bacon flavor that every dog will like for. The dosage can be given in the way that your dogs like for. 1 bottle of Kidney Support Gold will be a one month supply for majority dogs. Ordering a bottle of Kidney Support Gold will help your dog to maintain a healthy kidney.

Ingredients used in Kidney Support Gold:

The ingredients used in Kidney Support Gold are scientifically proven organic medicines thereby resulting in qualitative results. As such, people who have used Kidney Support gold are satisfied with Kidney support Gold and says that there has been no side effects found in their pets.

Prevention for:

Kidney Support Gold is rich in Vitamin A, B and C and hence it improves the dog’s overall health. As they are organic in nature, the herbs used have high medicinal value; they show no side-effects to your dogs.


Kidney Support Gold – Natural Supplement For Canine

kidneysupportgoldKidney Support Gold is the best gift one can give to their canine friend. As heart is the most vulnerable organ of humans while aging, kidney is the organ when it comes to the dogs. Kidney Support Gold is a liquid supplementary medicine that can be given to the dogs to help them recover from any kind of kidney troubles. The most common kidney troubles of dogs are kidney stones and kidney failure. The kidney failure may be caused by toxins and is mostly irreversible and the stones formation is a result of calcium deposition.

Kidney Support Gold is a herbal preparation and it helps to maintain the normal functioning of the kidneys and also in normalizing, urination, thirst, appetite and overall immune system. The ingredients are chosen as per scientific research of their extracts. This formula is highly beneficial for the aging dogs. Kidney Support Gold is more like a tonic. It balances the fluid and electrolyte levels, maintains the urea and creatinine levels in blood, supports nephron health, supervises protein excretion, and helps develop a better immune system against microbes. Kidney Support Gold is safe to use for a longer period of time and when it is difficult to maintain a normal kidney functioning.

The herbs that are used in the preparation of Kidney Support Gold are Cordyceps mycelium, Rehmannia root, Dong Quai root, and Astragalus root. These four ingredients are beneficial for kidney health and have been used in traditional medicine for a long time. They help in improving the immunity and manage the normal kidney functioning and flushes out any toxins. This liquid medicine is to be taken orally and the dosage depends on the weight of the dog. Kidney Support is not to be taken along with any blood thinners. It may not be safe to use on pregnant and nursing dogs.

The results of using Kidney Support Gold may be instantaneous or may take a few days. Normally the results are visible after 1-2 days. The effect may vary with individual dogs. There are no side effects reported so far and can be safely use as a support medicine for as long as desired. Any negative effects visible must be given immediate medical attention.


Dog diet for healthier kidney

kidneysupportgoldRead on to know how kidney disease occurs in a dog and how dog diet works in your pet’s favor thereby ensuring a healthier kidney.

A dog has to go throw out a lot of waste toxins that needs to be excreted from the body. Mostly, the toxins circulates in the kidneys where it is filtered before it is eliminated from your bloodstream and thereto as urine from the dog’s body. When the kidney functions start to shake, the ability to develop urine falters and the body needs more water to remove the toxins. This results in dogs drinking more water and urinating even more. Ultimately, the dog gives up and the level of toxin rises resulting in kidney failure. Some of the symptoms often noticed in dogs are fatigue, loss of appetite, vomiting, weight loss.

Here are some of the diet foods that may be included in dog’s diet:

Apart from all the dog diet, it is important to maintain dog’s kidneys by adding herbal supplements such as Kidney Support Gold. OTC antibiotics such as Benazepril (often used to treat kidney problems) disturbs the bodily function and develops side effects such as vomiting, low blood pressure etc. Pregnant dogs may lose their puppies if ingested with this medicine.

Kidney Support Gold is made out of herbal extracts such as astralagus root, dong quai root, etc. among many others that act as immune modulating agent, supports the kidney and liver functions etc. As it is a herbal product, you need not worry about its side effects. It has received lot of positive reviews from many pet owners claiming it works effectively when combined with dog’s diet. The only point to be noted is it SHOULD NOT be given to dogs who are consuming blood thinners. However, for your peace of mind, always consult your dog’s VET before ingesting any medicine.

How to Improve Kidney Function in Dogs and Cats

kidneysupportgoldPets are part of lives, they are considered family. Care must be given to them as we give to our children. One of the most troubling instances will be when the pet dog or cat is attacked with kidney trouble. In order to avoid these situations a closer watch on their lives to find any unfavorable sign will be beneficial. If any disease is detected earlier it is easier to treat successfully. It is important to know what we can do to improve their kidney health both as a preventive measure and as curative.

In order to improve the kidney health one must be aware of the causes for kidney diseases. Kidney diseases are presence of stones, any urinary infection, kidney failure due to aging or injury etc. Sometimes the breed of the dog also plays a part in poor kidney health. There are a few dog breeds that are susceptible to kidney disorders. What are the steps to healthy kidneys for pets?


Kidney Disease and Its Early Diagnosis in Dogs and Cats

kidneysupportgoldKidney disease is one of the common diseases found in the dogs and cats when they age. But kidney diseases can be any infection, presence of stones, or chronic kidney failure etc. The causes may be different from microorganism, breed, injury, diabetes, or high blood pressure. It is important to detect the disease at the early stage itself to ensure successful treatment. The diagnosis can be done by noticing any changes in the behavior or habits of the pets or to confirm through fluid tests.

Many of these signs may also indicate some other diseases and may not necessarily be of kidney troubles. But in case these symptoms are visible an immediate consultation with the veterinarian must be done to know what is troubling these poor things. Once the diagnosis is done the treatment can star at the earliest to give them their health back to normal.