Our world is toxic in one way or the other. We all are exposed to these toxins every day. It affects all the same for the pets as well. Just like us, the pets also need regular detoxification for their bodies. It cleanses out the toxins from their system to keep them healthier and with reduced diseases.

Relivel Multi-Herbal Multi-System Liquid Detox

The 4 oz amber glass bottle of Relivel Multi-herbal multi-system liquid detox works well for the dogs and cats to keep their systems cleaner. Relivel is an all-natural, organic, herbal and holistic approach to deal with the chemical toxins and at the same time retaining whatever that is beneficial for them.

What is Relivel – Whole Body liquid detox for dogs and cats?

Relivel is a multi-herbal, multi-system liquid detox that can remove the toxins from the different internal systems of the dogs and cats. It uses multiple herbal extracts to have the natural detoxification that does not harm the pets and also add nourishment to their bodies. It is the holistic approach for improving the general health of the pets.

Relivel can target seven different organ systems in dogs and cats. These organs include the liver, blood, kidneys, lungs, colon, gallbladder, and skin. It removes only the toxins and nothing that is beneficial for the body like the vitamins or minerals or beneficial bacteria. This whole body cat and dog detox formula is free from alcohol and is completely safe.

Benefits of using Relivel for dogs and cats

The various toxic substances that we all are exposed can easily enter our bodies in many ways. The pets are not immune to these and could be more vulnerable than us. With the use of this Relivel liquid detox formula, they have multiple benefits that arise as a result of low toxin level in their body.

  • A truly holistic whole body detox for all domestic dog and cat breeds
  • Best modern pollution fighter for domestic dogs and cats
  • Retains beneficial bacteria, minerals, and vitamins in dogs and cats
  • Remove toxins from seven critical biological systems/organs including kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder, colon, skin, and blood
  • 100% Natural – 100% Drug free
  • No side effects
  • USDA Certified

First of all, Relivel contains the most natural and traditional herbs that are known to be natural detoxifying agents. These herbs are organ-specific to have wider effects and can have multiple-organ cleansing at the same time.

The elimination of toxins has a direct impact on body pH. The pH level of the pets improves dramatically. They will have their body pH inching towards alkalinity, which is ideal for the dogs and cats.

It helps fight the common diseases like cold and dog flu. Their bodies stand a better stand against the viruses that cause these diseases when there are less or no toxins in the body.

Relivel helps improve the digestion and nutrient absorption in the pet’s body. The better nutrient absorption will also counter the various common and chronic diseases they might have.

It will lead to better blood sugar balance that is a tremendous help for the dogs suffering from diabetes.

Use of Relivel detox will lead to reduced allergic reactions and symptoms. The detoxification process will eliminate most of the heavy metals including the mercury and lead that cleanses the metabolic pathway. There will be less production of histamines and fewer cases of asthma, arthritis and other autoimmune diseases in the dogs.

The elimination of toxins reduces oxidative stress. It helps in preventing premature aging in the pets. They will have healthier metabolism and better regenerative processes. It helps them feel fresh and younger.

Relivel liquid detox ingredients

There are six herbal extracts used for making Relivel multi-herbal multi-system liquid detox for dogs and cats.

Black walnut hull

Black walnut hull is one of the multi-system beneficial herbs. It has got the anti-microbial activity that can target the bacteria, viruses, fungi and even the parasites. It is a widely used anti-parasitic agent for pets that eliminates the worms from their systems. The herb contains a high amount of tannins that bring these effects. It also benefits the dogs in improving their digestion and regularizes their bowels. This herb helps in purifying the blood and provides more oxygen to it. It is helpful with the blood sugar balance and in general is one of the potent natural detoxifiers.

Burdock root

Burdock root is one of the best blood purifiers that remove the toxins from the blood. It has the diuretic property that removes the toxins through excess urine. It can stimulate the working of the liver as well as the gallbladder. The antioxidants in the herb can prevent the oxidative stress on the body. It works as a liver tonic and improves the toxin elimination through kidneys. It can take part in regularizing the blood sugar levels thus treating diabetes in dogs and cats. The anti-inflammatory property will reduce arthritis and related problems. The blood purification will improve the skin health. It could influence the immune system.

Dandelion root

Dandelion root can directly impact the liver to have the toxins removed from it. The herb stimulates the production of bile that cleanses the liver to counter fatty liver or sluggish liver conditions. It has diuretic properties that improve the kidney functions and has positive effects on gallbladder as well. It works as a tonic and reduces the urinary and kidney related infections. The anti-inflammatory property reduces inflammations inside the system as well on the skin. The sluggish digestive system and get a boost with this herb. It can cure even chronic indigestion in dogs. At the same time, it can supply some much-needed nutrients for the dog’s body.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle contains the silychrsitine, silydianin and silybin that are collectively known as silymarin. It works as a liver tonic and can help eliminate several liver diseases. It can repair the damage done by the toxins in the liver. Milk thistle removes histamine from the body and reduces inflammations and allergies. It can speed up the kidney healing process. It reduces pancreatitis in dogs and can also prevent cancer. The herb can even work for insulin and regularize the blood sugar level.


Oregano is a well known antimicrobial agent that can work against almost all microbes. It can kill the bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It can also work against parasites in the internal system. This antimicrobial agent eliminates the parasites from the digestive system of the dogs and cats. It can cleanse the colon and can also treat infections inside and outside the body. Oregano also has antioxidants that reduce the oxidative stress in the pets as well as tissue regeneration and helps in the speedy healing of the tissues. It can desensitize the pets from allergic reactions to the surroundings.

Uva ursi

Uva ursi can benefit the urinary system of the dogs. It strengthens the kidneys and improves the toxin elimination. It is diuretic in nature that can cleanse the kidneys and also treat the urinary tract infections. The astringent property of the herb can stop bleeding in the urinary system.

Relivel detox formula dosage and instructions

Administer Relivel liquid detox according to the weight of the pet. The dosage is the same for the dogs and cats, given in the weight range. You can mix the liquid formula could be added to the pet’s food or give directly into its mouth. The product comes with a convenient dropper for easy administration and for measuring the accurate dosage.

The dosage instructions by weight for dogs and cats is as follows:

  • For pets that weigh 12 lbs or under, give ½ a dropper twice every day.
  • Pets that are weighing 13- 25 lbs give one dropper full, twice daily.
  • For the pets that have a body weight of 26-55 lbs, the dosage is two droppers full, given twice daily
  • Pets that weigh 56-100 lbs can have three droppers full of the Relivel liquid, twice daily.
  • For the dogs that weigh 101 lbs or higher would need four droppers of liquid detox, twice daily.

Continue the given dosage for continuous 30 days initially. Take a break of 30 days and again give it for another month. The one month-on and one month-off should continue for a whole year for best results. Since the toxins are always around us, it is ideal to take it for the long term. Moreover, the first time detox may not happen fast; it may take longer than you would anticipate.

Relivel Detox for Dogs and Cats side effects

Relivel is 100% side effect free. This multi-herbal liquid dog detox product is free from any side effects mainly due to its features like alcohol-free, no dairy, additives free, no animal fats, no gluten, and non-GMO ingredients.  It also consists of organic grade ingredients with optimal natural absorption and has certifications like HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Relivel Customer Reviews

  • Olivia- “I was fed up of the detox agents that work either for the liver or just for the colon. I needed a product that works for the multiple organs for my pet. I got just that with Relivel. It did make a difference within three weeks. Thank you very much.”
  • Pamela-“I tried Relivel after my vet said that my doggie has become old and her health worsens further with age. I gave her this detox formula, and now my doggie is doing better these days. She shows some of her youthfulness now. It has worked better than a handful of medicines would have.”
  • Martin-“I used Relivel for 13 yr old Labrador. It has helped him to revive his health and get rid of the toxins. He now behaves younger and shows better health as well as immunity. I plan to use it for a long time.”

Where to buy 4 Oz Amber glass bottle of Relivel?

Relivel is available in the 4 Oz amber glass bottle with a dropper attached to it. It is available widely online. You can buy Relivel at a better rate from the makers. The product is a bit high priced, but you can purchase Relivel at a discounted rate, currently from the manufacturers.

You can avail 4 oz amber glass bottle of Relivel Multi-Herbal Multi-System Liquid DETOX for Dogs and Cats from Natural wonder pets store online. Here you don’t need any coupon codes to avail the discounts given in the official store. You will always have the best discounts at naturalwonderpets-store.com.

The single 4 oz amber glass bottle of Relivel can last for about two months for an average sized dog. It is safe and is made in the USA. Currently, there is a trial offer going on, where you can get up to $20 off on the price.

Precautions for Relivel Detox for Dogs and Cats

Relivel contains low levels of iodine and hence should avoid using in case of hyperthyroidism in cats.

Relivel multi-herbal multi-system liquid detox formula is safe for long-term use. The only thing to make sure is to take a month off between the uses.

Conclusion: Relivel multi-herbal multi-system liquid detox formula

Toxins are something that is always in the air that we live at. It can come from the outside or in the inside air that we breathe. The pets are more vulnerable to these items. Give them this Relivel that can protect them from the day-to-day toxins also make them immune to the many intestinal worms that can bother them. It is a herbal formula that is safe, non-allergenic and no-side effects causing. It is time; you can say goodbye to many of the chemical drugs and adapt the natural caring way for your dogs and cats.