Alumen homeopathic remedies have been proved to reduce many ailments like alopecia in dogs. Alopecia is a common ailment which is seen in humans which is also noticed in dogs. Alopecia is known to create a lot of distress to dogs when affected. The main symptom of Alopecia includes hair loss which forms patches. The reason for this particular condition is still unknown by scientists. However, many believe that this is initiated by the contact of fleas and ticks. Alopecia is not fatal or life-threatening but can give a hard time for your pet dog.

Alumen homeopathic medicines are known to relieve this condition in dogs effectively. Alumen medicines have been proved to make a difference in many ailments in dogs. Alumen has a wide applicability in medicinal uses.

ALUMEN – Homeopathic remedy
Homeopathic remedies with Alumen help in the proper treatment of Alopecia as it helps in strengthening the skin from the inside and also through a natural path of medication.

What is Alumen?

Many of you might be wondering what is Alumen actually? Well, Alumen is nothing but another term for common alum which is commonly used for the treatment of wounds. Alumen Homeopathic Remedy For Alopecia has a widespread usage in terms of medicinal usages. The clinical application of this remedy in bowel treatments particularly in cases of constipation is well approved. Alumen Homeopathic Remedy For Alopecia applicability spreads through the following sections, they are:

  • Head ailments: vertigo, weakness, and Alopecia
  • Throat ailments: Helps in the treatment of swollen throat, tickling of the throat, tendencies for throat colds, burning pains in the esophagus and similar throat related states.
  • Heart ailments: Helps in reliving palpitation resulted from lying down on the right side.
  • Rectum ailments: Helps in the treatment of chronic constipation and related rectum ailments.
  • Female ailments: Alumen is also a potent medicine against the female ailments involving uterus related medical conditions.
  • Respiratory ailments: Alumen also helps in getting relief in cases of respiratory problems. Alumen has proven itself to be effective against weakness in the chest and difficulties faced in expelling the mucous out.
  • Skin ailments: Now this is one of the main functions of Alumen as it can cure skin related medical conditions like Alopecia which are commonly found in both animals and humans similarly.

Treatment For Alopecia in pets

Alopecia or more popularly known as Hair Loss can be exactly defined as the deficiency in the natural hair coat. This does not only include loss of hair but also includes states where coat fails to grow at all. There are many forms of Alopecia which can be seen in the dogs and all of them differ one way or another. Alopecia is believed to be a symptom of the autoimmune disease. Some of the common treatments include hair shampoo and antibiotics.

Alumen Homeopathic Remedy For Alopecia

Homeopathic remedies with Alumen help in the proper treatment of Alopecia as it helps in strengthening the skin from the inside and also through a natural path of medication. There are many homeopathic solutions for the treatment of Alopecia which includes component like fluoric acid, Phosphoric acid, phosphorous, graphite, Mezerum, sepia and so on. Alumen has proved to be an important component in the treatment of Alopecia with its supreme medicinal values.

Alopecia is a disease which is not fatal in nature and Alumen in homeopathic form have proven that it is an effective choice in bringing down ailments found in pet dogs.