Blood Sugar Gold is a natural supplement for canine diabetes. Is your dog diabetic? Have you come here for a natural formula to treat diabetes in dogs? You are on the right track. Blood Sugar Gold from Petwellbeing is a natural formula for diabetic dogs. Canine diabetes is a common health problem in dogs. It is similar to diabetes in people. Research shows that one in 200 dogs suffer from diabetes. Fortunately, some treatments make a significant difference in the numbers. As a result, dogs with diabetes are now living longer and healthier.

Diabetes In Dogs – Canine Diabetes Mellitus

The body cells function on a sugar called glucose. You get glucose by breaking down carbohydrates in the diet. Cells then extract glucose from the blood with the help of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that the pancreas produce in its cells. Dog Diabetes occurs when a dog’s pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. As a result, cells get damaged. Canine Diabetes is not curable. However, you can treat them using natural and effective remedies. With proper diagnosis, a diabetic dog may live many happy years.

Blood Sugar Gold for Dog Diabetes

Blood sugar gold For Dogs is a natural remedy for dogs with diabetic problems. Blood Sugar Gold support normal serum insulin levels, promotes healthy cholesterol levels, supports healthy triglycerides and helps maintain eye and liver health.

Blood Sugar Gold – A Natural Remedy For Canine Diabetes

Blood Sugar Gold is a unique formula developed by a team of holistic vets. The product helps to support stable blood sugar levels in dogs. The ingredients of Blood Sugar Gold support healthy cholesterol levels. In this way, your dog’s eye and liver health are maintained with insulin levels at a healthy level. Using effective herbs, the product aims at supporting normal serum insulin levels.

If you think your dog might have diabetes, take him to the vet. A vet can diagnose canine diabetes by examining the sugar levels in the blood and urine. Before using any natural products, it is compulsory to monitor blood sugar levels. Natural formulas can be surprisingly effective. How quickly your pet responds to the medicine will depend on his body nature. Make sure your dog’s blood sugar levels stay within a healthy range.

Reasons To Buy Blood Sugar Gold For Dogs With Diabetes

  • The formulation of Blood Sugar Gold is prepared from organic herbs.
  • Manufacturing facility of Blood Sugar Gold complies with Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Every batch of the formula is laboratory tested to ensure highest quality and guarantees maximum potency.
  • Blood Sugar Gold is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. Petwellbeing complies with the provisions and guidance practices for pet dietary supplements.
  • The product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Ingredients Of Blood Sugar Gold – What’s Inside The Product?

Blood Sugar Gold is a 100% natural product. Herbs are certified organic and wild-harvested. The active ingredients of Blood Sugar Gold help in supporting healthy triglycerides. It naturally supports your dog’s blood sugar levels. Here are the components used in the formulation of Blood Sugar Gold.

  • Devil’s Club root bark – also known as opopanax horridum. It maintains healthy blood sugar levels. Devil’s club root bark acts as a health tonic for the digestive system, respiratory system, and joints.
  • Gymnema leaf – medicinally known as Gymnema Sylvestre. It supports the beta cells of the pancreas to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Fenugreek seed – improves the liver health. Recent studies show that Fenugreek seeds support normal insulin levels.
  • Burdock root – burdock serves a dual-purpose in Blood Sugar Gold formula. The anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties help to support the digestive and lymphatic system.
  • Goat’s rue herb – this herb allows the body to tolerate carbohydrates. It’s one of the main plants used for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Goat’s rue herb also supports liver health.
  • Dandelion root – Blood sugar gold uses the root of the dandelion. It acts as a stimulator for both pancreatic duct and bile duct. Dandelion in Blood Sugar Gold supports portal circulation and aids digestion.
  • Bilberry fruit – rich in anti-oxidants, this ingredient maintains healthy blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Gold Directions – How To Use?

  • Shake well before use. Administer the product twice daily.
  • Give one drop for every 2 lb (1kg) up to 50 lb body weight.
  • Over 50 lb, add one drop extra per additional 4 lb.

Blood Sugar Gold Reviews – What The Customers Say

The user of Blood Sugar Gold had given a 5-star rating for the product. The reviews indicate that Blood Sugar Gold treats diabetes in pets. Many of them recommend the product to their friends. Following are some of the reviews on Blood Sugar Gold.

  • “Love this product.” A user from Allentown, NJ, says that the formula works to stabilize his pet’s blood sugar levels.
  • “I would recommend this product” – Yolanda from TX, found a significant improvement in her beagle. The cost of the product to is just right. She recommends the product to other pet owners.
  • “Well definitely be keeping our diabetic dog on this product,” says Brenda from Alberta, Canada. She gives her diabetic dog, 12 drops twice a day with her food. The blood sugar levels are healthy now.


Blood Sugar Gold contains natural ingredients to help stabilize the blood sugar levels. This formula includes a list of herbs that support the liver and pancreas. This effective remedy can gift your dog with many happy years.