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Among the Most fatal diseases in Dogs is Kidney malfunction. Most dogs after the age of 10 suffer kidney failure. Though not total failure, Kidney starts deteriorating and is unable to do its job well. The dog starts feeling lethargic and after a period of time, you find your dog not responding well to your calls , not eating at all and consumption of water is also reduced.

Kidney disease in Dogs come in 2 types. There is Renal failure and the Chronic Kidney failure. Chronic Kidney failure could be harder to treat and could be fatal.  In either case, If you are suspicious of a kidney problem in your dog, Check out the Kidney support gold From The Kidney support gold was developed to enhance functionality of the kidney and revive its functionality. With all natural herbs and ingredients , you can be assured that kidney support gold is free of any chemicals and of side effects too. With 90 Day guarantee, chances are you will like the way the treatment progresses and you will see the difference. Always consult a vet before you administer any medication to your dog . This is to ensure that the current medication is not mixed up with other medication the Vet provides.


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