Dogs sometime experiences irritations on the eyes, eye infections or a blurred vision. This makes the dog very uncomfortable and should be treated immediately. i-Clenz for dogs from petalive is the product available for the eye health.

i-Clenz is an herbal supplement for cleansing the eyes and promoting visual health for the eyes of the dog. It is a remedy for the tear stains and helps in soothing the area around the eye. It is also used a tonic for all eye infections and for enhancing the health of the eyes. it is a product by PetAlive brand of Native Remedies.

i-Clenz For Dogs – The Ingredients

  • Eyebright – Eyebright also known as Euphrasia officinalis. It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It supports the health of the eyes and relieves all problems related to it and cleanses the eyes. the anti-inflammatory properties helps to relieve the inflammation caused on the mucous membrane surrounding the eyes and preventing corneal ulcers and other eye allergies. This ingredient is used in a number of eye tonic since many years that promotes the health and maintains the structures around the eye. It is also used in supplement for curing injuries caused in the non-corneal areas.
  • Dandelion – Dandelion or Taraxacum officinale has the property of cleansing the eyes, treating eye infections and promoting proper visual health for the dogs. It is known to be a healing herb and works wonder for improving the eye health and problems like cataract. Another benefit of this herb is for curing all the problems related to the liver. It is an excellent liver detoxifier and is used for improving the health of the liver. This indirectly affects the eyesight because cleansing the liver improves the eyesight. It strengthens the retinal tissue and increase the circulation too.

Other Ingredient

  • Chamomile – Another ingredient in the i-Clenz formula mix is Chamomile also known as Matricaria recutita. This is known to be a herb with high medicinal benefits. It is used in a number of homeopathic and herbal medications. Chamomile tea is a good antiseptic that are widely used for treating eye infections and other ailments faced by the dogs. Chamomile also has properties for soothing and cleansing the area around which it is applied and can be applied on the area surrounding the eyes too. It can get rid of the bacteria, fungus, itchiness, allergies and other trouble faced by the dog on their eyes.

i-Clenz For Dogs – The Dosage &  Directions of Use

The i-Clenz is available in tincture form.

  • Take a clean and damp cotton swab and dip it into the i-Clenz solution.
  • Wipe this gently onto the fur below the eyes. This is done for cleaning purpose.
  • For cleaning the eye area, you can use a milder solution. For this you have to take 2 or 3 drops of the i-Clenz. Add it to warm water of 25 ml. then dip the cotton swab in this solution. Gently apply it on the eye areas of the dog.
  • Use two different swabs for both the eyes.
  • You are not supposed to drop the solution directly into the eyes of the dog.
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A bottle of i-Clenz solution is of the weigh 60 ml and it will last for about 15 to 60 days. The variation is high because the need and requirements of different dogs are different. For purchasing the i-Clenz online, you can check it out at the following website: