FourGuard Herbal Dog Dewormer and Parasite Cleanse

The FourGUard Herbal capsule cleanses the dog or cat’s system to eliminate the parasites from their intestine or wherever that has made its home. The common worms can live longer and can cause severe problems later when they are not treated at the earliest.

A responsible pet owner should be able to keep his/her pets from any predators even if it is form the smaller category like the worm. No matter what you do, you might have to come face to face with the worm problems in pets. The difficult part is that you need an effective treatment that is long lasting to get the worms and their eggs completely out of the pets’ system.

You will be getting the BOGO pack of FourGuard Herbal Dog Dewormer and Parasite Cleanse capsules. These Buy One Get One pack will help you when you have more than one pet at one or have a dog and a cat. The FourGuard Herbal De wormer works for cats and dogs as the ingredients targets only the worms that are inside them.

What is FourGuard Herbal Dog Dewormer and Parasite Cleanse?

The FourGUard Herbal capsule cleanses the dog or cat’s system to eliminate the parasites from their intestine or wherever that has made its home. The common worms can live longer and can cause severe problems later when they are not treated at the earliest. Their larvae and the eggs can last longer than you would have thought.

This herbal dewormer is in capsule form that can be split open to divide the contents as per the dosage. The dewormer is safe for the pets and does not cause any side effects or any addictions.

When to use FourGuard Herbal dewormer?

The affected pets usually become weak and have dry coat over them. Some dogs show bad breath, weight loss, diarrhea, frequent coughing, showing pain in the abdominal areas, underdevelopment in the case of kittens and puppies. If you notice nay of few of these symptoms, consult with the vet and check what the real problem. If the diagnosis is worms, then you can go ahead and get FourGuard dewormer to get the faster results. If you delay the treatment it could cause serious problem like anemia, seizures etc.

Why choose FourGuard dewormer?

FourGuard dewormer is a formula that works against most of the common worms in pets. It is effective against tapeworm, heartworm, roundworm, and hookworms. It is fast acting and is comfortable for dogs and cats. It is easily available over-the-counter. You don’t easily get such broad spectrum OTC remedies for the pets.
Moreover, FourGUrad dewormer can be administered to dogs and cats of all ages except those in their infant stage. You can adjust the dosage according to their age and weight.

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FourGuard Herbal Dewormer ingredients

  • Gentian root extract is one of the age old and safest dog dewormer. It can eliminate the intestine worms easily. It is found to be affective for both cats and dogs.
  • Black Walnut Hull is a natural detoxifier that can eliminate the worms in the process. The extract contains several bitter components that repels the parasites and eventually they are eliminated. This ingredient is particularly effective for roundworms and tapeworms.
  • Cloves contain the essential oils that is fairly strong. The worms cannot stand this strong aroma and easily fainted. They get detached and are finally take out of the system by the detoxifying effects of the other ingredient. When used in combination with the Black Walnut, it is more effective.
  • Papaya Leaf contains a compound called karpain that stunts the growth of the worms. It kills the worms and relieving the problem in the pets. The digestive enzymes detach the worms from the intestinal lining, making the process easier.

FourGuard dewormer dosage

FOurGuard dewormer is available in the capsule form with the BOGO pack. The capsules can be used for the treatment and also as a preventive measure against future infestation. The dosage depends on the weight of the pet.

For treatment

  • Tiny dogs- 6 lbs and under can have ½ a capsule twice daily
  • Small dogs of 7-20 lbs need 1 capsule given twice everyday
  • The medium sized dogs that weigh 21-60 lbs can take 2 capsules twice a day.
  • Larger dogs that weigh 61 lbs and above will have to be given 3 capsules each twice a day for best results.
    The above mentioned dosage for treatment should be continued for 10 days minimum. You can increase the period to 2 weeks or longer as needed.

As preventive

The dosage is the same as above for the day. Here, you will be giving the dose only once every week for the whole year. This ensures that any egg remaining inside the pet’s body will have no chances of survival and there will not be any problems because of this.

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The capsules can be opened to divide the contents for the small dogs. The capsules could be given whole for the larger ones. The contents can be easily mixed with the food of the pets. But be aware that the contents can be highly bitter and chances are that your pet rejecting it. In that case, you can roll the contents inside peanut butter or other acceptable sweeter food.

Safety of FourGuard Herbal Dog Dewormer and Parasite Cleanse

The FourGuard Herbal Dog Dewormer and Parasite Cleanse is considered completely safe for dogs of all ages. It is not recommended for the kitten hat are younger than 3 weeks. Though there are discussions about the safety of the product for cats because of cloves in it, the product is found to be effective and no side effects have been reported so far.

FourGuard Herbal Dog Dewormer and Parasite Cleanse- BOGO

The FourGuard Herbal Dog Dewormer and Parasite Cleanse will cost you about $40 for the 40 capsules jar. You will be getting one extra jar for free when you buy one pack. You need to pick the right package while purchasing to get this benefit. This will get you 40 capsules that can easily last for 2 or more medium sized dogs and ideal for the large dogs that need more dosage for the simple treatment.


The FourGuard Herbal Dog Dewormer and Parasite Cleanse is indeed a fast effective remedy. The reviews show as much. Users claim that the product worked wonders within 5 days to eliminate the worms. It has even amazed the vets. For dogs, this FourGuard dewormer has come as a boon. The BOGO pack is sure a blessing for the pet owners who get benefits in considerable savings with this pack.