FourGuard Liquid Herbal Parasite Formula

FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula is easy to administer form of the anti-parasitic formula from Natural Wonder products. This formula is suitable for puppies, kittens, and cats.

The intrusion of any kind into the internal body can cause havoc that ultimately leads to several diseases and disorders in the body. This happens to humans or animals. What hurts us more is the problems faced by the beloved pets. Pets like dogs and cats are easily infected with various kinds of worms from the environment. Extreme caution is the only way to prevent such incidents. Still, there are several worms that too minute to be seen with our naked eyes. Such parasites and the larger ones as well can cause more trouble than one would anticipate.
FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula is for dogs and cats, even for their little ones. This herbal formula is great to get rid of most of the parasitic worms that are commonly seen.

FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula

FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula is easy to administer form of the anti-parasitic formula from Natural Wonder products. This formula is suitable for puppies, kittens, and cats. The liquid form is easy to measure and can also be added to the food of the pets to disguise the taste.

The product is available in an amber glass bottle with a dropper attached to the cap. The liquid form assures faster absorption into the system and can work better than the other capsule form. it is effective against roundworm, tapeworm, heartworm, whipworm, and hookworms.

The formula is alcohol-free and is quite safer than other chemical OTC medicines. It is hypoallergenic and causes no side effects whatsoever. It is also safe to be used at anytime and also for a long term usage.

When to use FourGuard liquid herbal formula?

The intestinal parasites like worms are affecting the digestive system right away. This shows a sluggish digestion with reluctant bowel movements, low energy, malnutrition that leads to other diseases. The pets may show signs of ageing with less vigor to do things that seem to interest them in the earlier times.

When these signs are often seen, take your pet to the doctor to have a thorough checkup and see if the problem really is worms. If the worms are confirmed, get the FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula that easily gets rid of these worms. It protects the pets from harmful chemicals and can also add some nourishment to their body to revive them.

FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula ingredients

There are only 4 herbal extracts to make the FourGuard liquid herbal formula. These 4 ingredients are powerful anti-parasites in nature. They can eliminate the worms and can also re-energize the body of the pets and protect them from the oxidative stress and whatever that made them unhealthy because of the worms.

Gentian root extract is a bitter tonic that can promote digestion. The bitter tonic stimulates the production of bile and other digestive enzymes to revive the slow digestion caused by the worms. It can reduce the gastric inflammations. The extract repels and expels the parasites and also promotes their destruction by the digestive system itself.

Black walnut hull contains powerful tannins that have the astringent property that kills the worms. It also has certain compounds called juglone that have the similar property of killing the worms. It works better with the addition of cloves in the formula.

Cloves target the eggs of the parasites. The special essential oils in cloves can dissolve the parasitic eggs and destroy them before they can hatch. When used with Black walnut hull and gentian root, it completely breaks the life cycle of the parasites and erases them from existence. Usually, the eggs of the worms may stay behind with the anti-parasitic medications. But here, each and every stage of their lifecycle is destroyed by the herbal extracts.

Papaya leaf is one of the natural extracts used as a vermifuge. It can expel the worms. It also contains several digestion stimulating enzymes that boost the liver and pancreas to produce the digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes, especially the papain from papaya can digest the protein in the worms.

FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula for dogs and cats- dosage

FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula can be mixed with the pet’s food or water and can also be administered directly into their mouth. The cap of the bottle has a dropper attached to it. It helps in measuring out the right dosage and makes it easy for the direct administration. The dosage depends on the weight of the pet.

  • Tiny cats, puppies, and kitten, that weigh 6 lbs or below needs just ½ a dropper of the liquid administered twice daily.
  • Small pets that weigh 7-20 lbs can have 1 dropper full of the liquid formula twice daily.
  • Medium sized cats and dogs (weighing 21-60 lbs) need 2 droppers full of the liquid given twice every day.
  • Large dogs that weigh over 61 lbs require 3 droppers full of liquid, administered twice daily.

One squeeze of the black bulb at the top of the dropper takes in half full of the dropper. Continue the dosage for 10 days at a time, especially in the initial days for best results. Later one you can give the same dosage at regular intervals. The preventive dosage is given as the same daily dose, just for one day of every week for as long as needed.

A single bottle of the FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula can last for a complete 10 days treatment for 3 medium sized pets.

FourGuard liquid formula is not suitable for pets that are too young or under 3 weeks old. It may not suit the severely elder pets and that are pregnant or nursing.

Once the bottle is opened, it needs refrigeration to maintain its potency.

Buy FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula for dogs and cats

The FourGuard liquid herbal formula is an easy buy online. It is available from the manufacturer directly or from other online stores as well. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee that offers a full refund for the dissatisfied customers.

FourGuard liquid formula reviews

  • Jeremy-“I have 2 dogs and 3 cats at home. I can’t afford to have the worms at my home. When I spotted one in my cat, I immediately ordered the FourGuard. Within 10 days there were no worms. It works really well and I now plan to use it as a preventive measure.”
  • Margot-“FourGuard work real fast! It almost worked overnight and I am quite satisfied with it.”
  • Dana-“My Sally is energetic and back to herself within 2 weeks of FourGuard. Her worms are all gone and now show signs of health with a shiny coat and full of energy.”


It is better to get a non-alcoholic formula for the pets. It is hard to find a liquid formula without alcohol used in it. That is where FourGuard liquid herbal parasite formula excels. It not only is non-alcoholic but can also improve the pet’s health in many ways.