Kidney Support Gold

How to Improve Kidney Function in Dogs and Cats

Kidney Support Gold – Dog Kidney Disease Support

Kidney Support Gold – A PetWellbeing product is a very effective natural support for dog kidney disease. Kidney Support Gold helps to maintain urination, thirst, appetite and energy levels in dogs. It also helps to maintain general vitality in dogs and provides proper immune support.

Pets are part of lives, they are considered family. Care must be given to them as we give to our children. One of the most troubling instances will be when the pet dog or cat is attacked with kidney trouble. In order to avoid these situations a closer watch on their lives to find any unfavorable sign will be beneficial. If any disease is detected earlier it is easier to treat successfully. It is important to know what we can do to improve their kidney health both as a preventive measure and as curative.

In order to improve the kidney health one must be aware of the causes for kidney diseases. Kidney diseases are presence of stones, any urinary infection, kidney failure due to aging or injury etc. Sometimes the breed of the dog also plays a part in poor kidney health. There are a few dog breeds that are susceptible to kidney disorders. What are the steps to healthy kidneys for pets?

  • Look for any signs that might be due to kidney diseases and find medical attention immediately.
  • Some kidney troubles are caused by some drugs so make sure that the drug that is given to the pets does not cause any more troubles than there already are.
  • Find out if the breed you own is susceptible to kidney disorders and make its lifestyle and habits to suit a better health.
  • Often lack of enough fluid intake results in kidneys stones so make the pets drink as much water as possible.
  • Reducing protein intake can help minimize the wastage in blood and will ease the kidneys with the function.
  • For aging dogs and cats, consult with the vet and plan a proper diet regime that supports kidney health and try to get supplements that can support their failing kidneys.
  • Regular exercises or walking would be good for dogs and cats.
  • Keep the surroundings and belongings of the pet clean and hygiene to avoid any infections.
  • Allow them to have more frequent potty breaks.
  • A strict routine can be less stressful and can eliminate any stress related adversities of the kidneys.





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