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Did you know that Cancer causes more death in dogs than other health conditions? It usually happens at the age of 10. Usually, cancers are treatable if they are caught in the early stages. The most common cancerous diseases seen in dogs are lymphoma, which is a tumor in the lymph nodes, cell tumors, skin cancer, mammary gland tumors, bone cancers, and soft tissue sarcomas. We can be aware of cancer symptoms by looking for lumps, wounds that do not heal, swelling, enlarged nymph nodes, lameness, bone swelling or abnormal bleeding.

How does Life Gold cancer support for dogs work?

Life Gold is a product to fight the symptoms of cancer in dogs from Petwellbeing. It uses herbal extracts from around the world to support the immune system and provide anti-oxidant protection to your dog’s systems. Life Gold will make sure that the vital systems are all detoxified, lessening the chances of cancer in dogs. It targets the free radicals in the body.

Use Life Gold for proper detoxification of the dog’s body. It reduces oxidative stress and gives a firm foundation for overall health. Free radicals can steal the molecules form the binding molecule in the body. Life Gold will neutralize these free radicals so that this does not happen in the dog’s body.

Life Gold is entirely made using organically grown herbs that are also wild harvested. Every batch is tested and is manufactured using GMP which is an FDA approved while preserving the potency of the herbs. Life Gold has to be administered daily as one drop for a 2 lb body up to a weight of 50 lbs. Over that weight, add one drop per additional 4 pounds.

Life Gold – Dog cancer support customer reviews / complaints

Customer reviews play a vital role in one’s buying decision. You get a clear picture of how efficient the product is, from the customer reviews. Pet Wellbeing Life Gold customer reviews online show a positive trend. The product has helped dogs get relief from cancer symptoms and pain. 96% of Life Gold for canines – Natural Cancer Support for Dogs users have recommended this product to their friends. It indicates that Life Gold is an effective natural solution for canine cancer.

Pet Wellbeing Life Gold- Dog Cancer Support

Life Gold helps manage symptoms of canine cancer. It supports the immune system and helps to reduce oxidative stress. Life Gold promotes long-term health.

“I believe this product is giving more time with Teddy”, says Larry from Pinole Ca.

Her dog was found lethargic due to cancer and was looking so bad. The vets recommended removing his spleen and the tumor at the cost of $10,000. His chance of survival was 50-50. She came to know about Life Gold from her friend and started using the product. She really could see the difference in Teddy’s health. It was easy to mix in his food and works great.

“Life Gold wonderful!!!” says another user from Grand Junction, CO. She used Life Gold twice daily with his food. Her Yorkie Bear was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over a year ago. But after using Life Gold, he was looking better. Even his doctor says “Life Gold works!!!!”. She recommends the product to her friends.

“It works,” says Roxy from Sackville, NB. According to him, it took about six weeks, but my dog’s nasal tumor has almost disappeared. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.” Roxy had given a 5-star rating to the product.

Life gold for dogs complaints

That said, few users complain that the product did not work as expected. Here are some of the Life gold for dogs complaints available online at various sites.

  • “I will not recommend this product to treat any cancer especially Osteosarcoma”, says a Vet from Detroit, MI.
  • “We used this product twice a day, and it did nothing for my dogs except a mild energy boost”, says Gene from Birmingham, AL.
  • “In six weeks usage, I could not determine that Life Gold had any effect on my dog”, says Buck from Evergreen, CO.

Pet Wellbeing Life Gold for dogs ingredients – herbs of Life Gold for dogs with cancer

The ingredients of Life Gold are certified organic and ethically wild-harvested. Yes, Life Gold for dog cancer is a 100% natural support for dog cancer. The full biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure maximum potency. All raw materials are lab certified and tested for purity.

As all the remedies for dog cancer are natural, herbal treatment like Life Gold has been the most trusted and wanted cancer remedies by all dog owners. They improve the immune system and keep your dog healthy by fighting all bacteria, viruses and other cancerous cells. As when a dog gets affected by cancer, his immunity gradually starts decreasing. It detoxifies and promotes long-term health with the most significant advantage that you can use them along with blood thinners / medications.

As the ingredients used in Life Gold are pure of herbal value, they prove a cent percent result in curing cancer. As such, people who used Life Gold have found it to be a lifesaver for all their dogs. So far, there are no side effects seen for this product.

  • Chaga: is a powerful anti-oxidant herb. Chaga contains polysaccharides for maintaining the healthy dog immune system.
  • Blessed thistle herb: acts as a detoxifying agent to cleanse the body. This medicinal herb also possesses anti-oxidant components that help in cell-regeneration.
  • Burdock root: used in Life Gold for supporting a healthy liver. It promotes a healthy appetite and maintains healthy cells.
  • Red clover flowering herb: this flowering herb purifies the blood of toxins. It contains a few essential vitamins and minerals to absorb the nutritive value easily.
  • Sheep sorrel herb: high in Vitamin C and minerals. This herb is used for lymphatic health. It is a powerful detoxifier that helps maintain a healthy digestive tract.
  • Slippery elm bark: this sweet tasting bark soothes the digestive tract and absorbs toxins.
  • Turkey Rhubarb root: used effectively to normalize bowel movements.

Life Gold for dogs cancer support side effects

The users of Life Gold has not reported with any side effects. As the ingredients are laboratory tested and manufactured in an FDA registered the facility, the product is safe to use.

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Dog cancer – what is canine cancer?

Some breeds of dogs are more prone to cancer like golden retrievers, boxers, flat-coated retrievers, Bernese Mountain dogs, etc. Sometimes the cause is genetic and sometimes its environmental causes. For some types of cancers in dogs, conventional treatment would do the trick. Greatly weakened immune system and stress can make your dogs more susceptible to cancers. A balanced diet and good, resourceful exercise will keep your dog healthy, but there is no way of eliminating the possibility of cancer.

Life Gold is a unique herbal treatment developed for dogs to cure dog cancer. Life Gold consists of several herbal extracts that remove unwanted toxins from your body and improves the immune system. Life Gold is FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved and complies all the provisions for pet dietary. As same as human cancer, the reason why dogs get cancer is still not known. But to an extent, it is caused due to:

  • Poor diet
  • Polluted environment
  • Getting aged and stress.

One of the common diseases seen in today’s dogs is dog cancer. It is the same cancer that is found in humans. These affect different parts of the body. Even though you cannot cure some conditions, you can heal some with natural medicines if you properly detect at the right time.

The commonly seen cancers in dogs are bone cancer, liver cancer, oral cancer, eyelid cancer, brain cancer, and spinal cord cancer. The better part of these cancers is that most of these cancers are curable if early detected.

When the immune system of the dogs is affected, they are at risk of oxidative damage. Few of the signs include weight loss, weakness, unexplained vomiting, abnormal growths, and other symptoms in the affected area. The liver, kidneys, bowel, lungs, and skin all work together in ways to remove waste products from the body. Damage to any of these can lead to excess growth in particular regions. Good overall health is highly recommended for a smooth and gradual old age phasing in your dogs.

Petwellbeing Life Gold dog cancer dosage and directions

The product comes in a tincture formula which can be administered using a dropper. Administer Life Gold orally twice daily.

For every 2-50 lbs dogs: give one drop
For dogs over 50 lbs: add one drop extra per additional 4 pounds.

Life Gold for dog cancer warnings/ precautions

  • Do not use the product if your dog is pregnant or intended for breeding.
  • If your pet’s condition worsens or symptoms persist, stop administering the product.
  • We recommend an examination from a veterinarian before using Life Gold.
  • Do not give Life Gold f your dog is taking blood thinners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Life gold – Dog cancer support for dogs?

The manufacturing facility of Life Gold is FDA approved.

What is the money-back guarantee of Pet Wellbeing?

Pet Wellbeing offers a 100% refund policy of 30 days from the date of purchase. So if you are not satisfied in any way, just return and claim a refund.

Are there any Life gold dog cancer results?

Yes, 96% of the users had recommended Life Gold for dogs suffering from cancer. The Life Gold for dogs reviews says that the product has helped their dog overcome the cancer symptoms.

Does Life Gold offer international shipping?

Yes, Life Gold offers international shipping. The product is shipped to the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other selected countries.

From where to buy Life Gold dog cancer support?

You can buy Life Gold dog cancer support from Petwellbeing website or online shopping portals like Amazon.

Does Petwellbeing Life Gold Support work for dogs?

The herbs used in Petwellbeing Life Gold are 100% natural. The herbs are organically certified. The active ingredients of Life Gold have found effective in detoxifying your pet’s body. It also takes care of the dog’s liver and digestive tract. In short, the product works for all dogs with cancer.