Primalix TSH is the thyroid stimulating herbal formula for dogs. Hypothyroidism is not confined to us humans, even our pet dogs can suffer from this problem. There are many breeds of dogs that are susceptible to hypothyroidism. If your dog shows any of these signs like an oily coat, brittle fur, weight gain, broken nails, dull skin, heart rate variation, or intolerance to cold, it might be having underperforming thyroid glands. Primalix TSH contains natural herbs for dogs that alleviate their conditions giving them a healthy life.

Thyroid Glands In Dogs

The thyroid glands in the dogs have the same function as in us. It is responsible to produce various hormones, especially the liothyronine (T3) and levothyroxine (T4) that are responsible for the metabolism in their body. If these hormones are not enough in their body, their bodily function slows down and that condition is hypothyroidism.

Primalix TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Herbs for Dogs with Hypothyroidism

Primalix TSH is an herbal formula that offers holistic treatment. Unlike the prescribed drugs, there are no side effects. It can treat the condition as well as ensure that the glands function normally from there onwards.

The regular medications for this condition might last forever and the dogs will have to take them for as long as they live. The main reason is that they have the capability to destroy the glands.

As for the cause for this condition in dogs, it is still unknown. The only fact is that it is some kind of autoimmune response that destroys the thyroid cells. While some are born with the conditions, some dogs acquire it by a deficiency of iodine or due to surgery. The root cause for thyroid problems in dogs is still unknown.

Why Use Primalix TSH?

Primalix TSH is an herbal formula that offers holistic treatment. Unlike the prescribed drugs, there are no side effects. It can treat the condition as well as ensure that the glands function normally from there onwards. Primalix TSH can nourish the thyroid glands, rejuvenate the cells, and restore its functionality. In fact, many users find it better than Standard Process Canine Thyroid Support. This is mainly because Primalix TSH is available in drops formula (unlike the standard process that comes in powder form). Easy to use drops formula takes the pain of the dissolving process giving pet owners the liberty to mix it with any food.

The conventional medication is given as a trial to test the changes in the dogs and that can go on for a long time. The drug given is the hormone T4. The excess amount of this hormone can lead to other problems like excess thirst, urination, increased appetite and heart rate, restlessness etc.

In addition to this, the dog will have to give its blood too often for the tests. The hypothyroidism may suddenly turn to hyperthyroidism. With Primalix TSH, there is no threat like these. The thyroid glands can be brought to function properly without causing any problems thanks to the following hypothyroidism herbs.

When To Use Primalix TSH?

Hypothyroidism can affect various organs of the dogs. So the symptoms would be scattered between them and there is no specific only-to-look-for-symptom. The common symptoms of hypothyroidism are

  • Weight gain and slow metabolism is the major symptom and most common. A dull coat is also a big sign of lack of thyroid stimulating hormone.
  • Rat-tailed appearance where the dog loses its fur around its tail making it looks bland like that of a rat.
  • Some dogs show an oily coat with excess oil secretion. It can stink and might also show scaly skin.
  • Dry and brittle hair, skin, and fur are another symptom. Their fur can be brittle, broken hair and nails, skin infections may also happen. The dogs will have low heart rate and show intolerance to cold.

Primalix TSH Herbal Constellation

All the herbs used for the formulation have been used in traditional medicine for along time. Their effects in treating thyroids in dogs and in resolving the symptoms are all verified.

  • Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosis), a variety of seaweed kelp, possess thyroid stimulating ability. The herb is rich in iodine that can naturally adjust the thyroid functioning. The metabolic rate of the dog will improve with this. In addition to iodine, the herb also contains nutrients like sodium, calcium, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, silicon and many vitamins and minerals. The fiber content, algin in kelp can remove the toxins from the body that might have accumulated due to low metabolism. This helps in speedy recovery.
  • Coleus forskohlii root is found to stimulate the thyroids to produce its hormones. The active ingredient forskolin is the responsible one for the action. This compound helps burn the fat molecules and reduce the gained weight in dogs.
  • Echinacea angustifolia root is effective in helping the body to deal with the stress that follows the hypothyroidism. This herb does not have a direct impact on the thyroids but helps the body deal with the situation and reduce the symptoms. It also helps in removing the dead cell debris from the body to improve the nutrient intake.
  • Astragalus membranaceus root extract is another formula that helps the canine body to reduce the stress impact and ease the body. This herb contains adaptogens that enables the body to help in this situation.
  • Black walnut hull extract has hormone activating effects on thyroid. The thyroid stimulating herb contains organic iodine for its positive effects on hypothyroidism.

How The Extract Is Taken?

Primalix uses a special blend of solvents to take the extracts from the herbs. The solvent is made using apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, and clear ionized water. This solvent is filtered several times before subjected to the extraction. This solvent does not cause any denaturation of the compounds in the herbs and can retain all its properties intact.

Later the herbs undergo full spectrum extraction where all the active ingredients are still I the extract and are not isolated. Later, the extracts are formulated together to form the Primalix TSH. Add the drops into the dog’s food to make it nutritious and curing for them.

Primalix TSH Dosage

Primalix TSH drops can be added to any wet or dry food for the dogs. It makes the food more nutritious and functional. The dosage depends on the weight of the pet.

  • Small dogs (under 20 lbs of weight) – I dropper 2 times a day
  • Medium sized dogs (21-60 lbs)- 2 droppers 2 times a day
  • Large dogs ( 61-100 lbs) 3 droppers 2 times a day
  • Giant dogs that are more than 101 lbs in weight- 4 droppers full, two times a day.

One dropper full would equal one squeeze of the dropper. This will make about half the filler, equivalent to 1 ml. It is safe to serve the drops daily for a long time. Usually positive response is seen within 2-3 days. Since the hypothyroidism might come back later in life, Primlaix TSH can be continued for as long as needed.

For Care And Safety

Primalix TSH bottle once opened should be refrigerated to keep it fresh. Remember to close the lid tightly after every use.

Primalix TSH should not be given to pregnant dogs and dogs that are nursing. Dogs that are taking any immuno suppressant drugs, that are taking any prescribed drugs for thyroid problems should also not take this herbal drops.