Sea Veggy Tails For Pets
Sea Veggy Tails from FarmaSea is a superfood of the sea with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for pets.

Pet owners love their furry friends and are always looking for ways to improve their health. Maintaining pet health by introducing supplements is always a good idea. Consider high-quality supplements with effective ingredients. Sea Veg offers Sea Veggy Tails, an organic seaweed powder supplement for pets. Read on to know everything about Sea Veggy Tails Review, Ingredients, Side Effects and more.

Sea Veggy Tails by Farmasea Pet Wellness Formula For Dogs And Cats

This pet wellness formula from FarmaSea is an organic seaweed supplement for pets with rich ingredients. Sea Veggy Tails contain Sea Veg’s 12 Whole Sea Plant Proprietary Blend, plus added essential amino acids, fatty acids, protein and specialty nutrients to promote optimal pet health and wellness.

This multi-nutritional powdered supplement is for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. It comes in a pet-pleasing flavor that they will love to have every day. It contains the same vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as all Sea Veg products from FarmaSea. Just sprinkle this superfood on their meal and watch pets lap it up, dogs and cats love it.

This product is proudly made in the USA. One bag comes in 8 oz. (226.79g) weight which may typically last for a month.

Sea Veggy Tails Pet Wellness Formula Benefits & Uses

  • Contains everything – FarmaSea Proprietary Blend of 12 Whole Sea Plants
  • Organic and 100% guaranteed seaweed supplement for pets
  • Useful for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages
  • The multi-nutritional powdered supplement helps dogs with thyroid issues
  • Maintains good digestive tract in pets
  • Original superfood of the sea for pets’ overall wellness

Sea Veggy Tails Ingredients

This organic pet product from FarmaSea contains sustainably harvested seaweed from pristine oceans worldwide. It contains FarmaSea Proprietary Blend which is a combination of 12 different species of edible seaweed and sea plants. These provide a concentrated source of micro nutrients and macro-nutrients proven to enhance the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. It also contains natural sources of amino acids, fatty acids & iodine. Serving Size 7.5 Grams and Servings Per Bag 30.

Sea Veggy Tails Ingredients are Stabilized Rice Bran, Whey Protein Concentrate, Powdered Lecithin, Beef Protein, Beef Liver, Calcium Caseinate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Powdered Fish Oil, and Dried Seaweed Blend: FarmaSea Proprietary Blend, with additional (Rhodophyta – Red Algae, Phaeophyta – Brown Algae, Chlorophyta – Green Algae), Fish Protein Concentrate, Glycogen Complex (from Perna Canaliculus), Egg Albumin, DL-Methionine, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, L-Phenylalanine and L-Tryptophan.

Sea Veggy Tails Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

Strictly feed your pets according to the product label, based on pet’s weight. One bag contains a minimum of 30 level scoops. To assure freshness and avoid settling, shake periodically, and always keep covered and store in a cool, dry place.

Breed Size Weight Scoops
Toy Dogs And Cats 01-12 lbs 1/4
Small Dogs And Cats 13-29 lbs 1/2
Medium Dogs 30-59 lbs 1
Large Dogs 60-99lbs 1 1/4
Giant Dogs >100 lbs 1 1/2

There are no Drug interaction Symptoms known for the product but for any change in your pet’s diet, it is always a good idea to check with the vet so that he/she can guide you on the best dosage for your pet.

How Does Sea Veggy Tails Work?

This organic seaweed supplement contains all beneficiary ingredients that make it work very well. It contains seaweeds that are the most abundant sources of minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, etc. They also have many naturally occurring vitamins, such as A and C. These nutritious ocean plants contain all the elements necessary for cell regeneration and repair. It contains Brown, red and green algae that work to clean the digestive tract in pets. It has iodine that is needed for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, which is important for a healthy metabolism. Thus, it includes all beneficiary ingredients that work towards the pet’s overall well-being.

Sea Veggy Tails Side Effects, Risks, & Adverse Reactions

There are no negative side effects associated with this product. Also, there are no reports of any adverse reactions caused by Sea Veggy Tails from pet owners. However, this product contains organically-bound vegetable iodine, so to avoid any risk, use it under the guidance of a veterinarian for pets undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism.

Is Sea Veggy Tails Safe?

Sea Veggy Tails is a Pet Overall Wellness Formula from FarmaSea. It is an organic seaweed supplement for pets that is completely safe, natural and effective to use. The maker of the product calls Sea Veg, all-natural “Unvitamin” as it contains more nutrition than a typical multi-vitamin supplement. They are confident that your pet will feel healthier and is safe for consistent use. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, return the unused product within 90 days of receipt of merchandise. Thus, with risk-free 90 days trial, it is safe to give this product a try today.

Is Sea Veggy Tails FDA Approved?

There is no information available online regarding the Sea Veg product being FDA approved. However, Sea Veggy Tails is a natural supplement which may not require an FDA approval.

Sea Veggy Tails Reviews & Complaints

There are plenty of positive Sea Veggy Tails Reviews available online. Pet owners are extremely happy to offer a natural and safe superfood from sea to their pets. They say instead of giving a typical multi-vitamin supplement, a multi-nutritional supplement from seaweed has many benefits for improving pet general health. After feeding Sea Veggy Tails, some users are happy to see more energetic and joyful behavior in pets. Some users comment that this product is helpful in dogs with thyroid Issue while some say it works great for longevity. Almost all pet owners are pleased to buy this affordable product. There are no Sea Veggy Tails Complaints available online.

Sea Veggy Tails Testimonials

A customer says one of the dogs had a thyroid issue and the vet prescribed thyroid meds, which the dog stayed for most of her adult life. This caused several health issues in her later life such as blindness, weight issues, etc. The owner started feeding her Sea Veggy Tails and her life rebound. Now, the pet is doing very well at an older age too. The owner is happily recommending this amazing product to everyone.

One customer says a 10-year-old Kuvasz and 13-year-old Chihuahua are using Sea Veggy Tails with great success. The owner saw the change the very next day. The pets had more energy, played well with their toys and balls, and she also noticed they were walking farther now, and running around. When she stopped giving it to them for a week while she ordered more, they returned to the slower pace completely. She is now a believer in Sea Veg and will keep feeding these to her animals

A customer thanks FarmaSea products, for giving the longevity to the entire family. His dog Vadar loves Sea Veggy Tails. The couple is in their fifties now and using Sea Veg Capsules. With many benefits, Sea Veg is now a household for them.

Sea Veggy Tails Results

Read the Sea Veggy Tails Before and after stories from the pet owners that indicates the amazing results achieved from the product.

Where To Buy Sea Veggy Tails?

You can buy Sea Veggy Tails online from its official website only. Here you can rest assure to buy authentic official sea veg by FarmaSea at best price and best discount. Currently, Buy Sea Veggy Tails Pet Wellness Formula on Sale from to save $5.


Can I buy Sea Veggy Tails on Amazon, Costco or Wal-Mart?

No, at the time of writing this article, the said product remains unavailable from all these retailers.

What is the best Sea Veggy Tails price available online?

The official website offers one bag of 8 ounces each at a discount for $34.95 instead of listed price $39.95.

Can I find Sea Veggy Tails coupon codes, Discount and Promo offers online?

Yes, search for Sea Veg Coupon Codes and you will find plenty of them. Ongoing coupons – use code HYTR to save 10%, use code SEAVEGFAN4 to Get $5 off on all orders, free shipping on orders over $175, no code needed, subscribe and save $25 off your order and many more.


Buy Sea Veggy Tails Sea Veg Pet Wellness Formula For Dogs And Cats risk-free with 90 days unconditional money back guarantee, no reports of negative side effects, many positive customer reviews, affordable prices and great beneficial ingredients that are safe and effective to use.