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Signs of kidney disease in Cats

Kidney Support Gold – Cat Kidney Disease Support

The kidney problems in cat or the kidney failure is one of the leading causes of feline death. It is one health condition that has no real symptoms to detect at the early stages. The kidney failure is only detected and diagnosed through the vet’s visits. Failing to go for a regular vet visits makes the situation worse for many cats. The symptoms appear only when the kidney is irrevocably deteriorated to do its functions.

Kidney problems in cats can occur due to various reasons. There are the ones which occur due to an injury or an accident or those which are gradual, Which occurs due to the effects of environment and diet. Both the cases of kidney problems are treated with similar remedies as the symptoms are nearly the same and the importance is to bring the pet to better condition by improving the weak kidney.

Looking at a few cause of kidney problems in Cats its important that you understand the causes too.
Major causes of Kidney failure include
  • injury to the abdomen
  • Sudden Loss Of blood or dehydration
  • Heart Failure due to Constant Low Blood Pressure
  • Diet and toxins in diet.

Though most of the above looks like an accidental kidney failure symptoms, its not essential that they be all accidental. For instance a diet with high toxins over a period of time will take a toll on your cat’s kidney ultimately putting its health down at risk. Excessive toxins are bad for the cat altogether.

You can see specific signs of Kidney problems in cats. For instance, There is Brownish Red urination. usually very stenchy. Other signs are imbalance in cats , Poor diet and often uneasiness and a lot of crying. This may be due to the pain in the tummy area of the cat.

Treating Kidney problems in cat should be first consulted with a veterinarian. Self medicating , even natural medicines without consulting a vet is not recommended. These natural medications for Kidney disease in cats tend to take effect almost immediately and sometimes may elliviate effects of other drugs which are administered to the pet already. Your vet should be able to guide you and advice you before you Consider administering drugs to for kidney disese in cats



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