Kidney Support Gold

  • Energy levels
  • Urination and thirst (hydration)
  • Appetite and weight
  • General vitality
  • Immune support

Kidneys are one of the busiest functioning organs of a dog’s body. They are responsible for removing waste from the bloodstream and regulate fluids in the body. If your pooch’s kidneys are not in good working condition, the result could be life threatening for your pet. When I noticed my Brunie showing symptoms of increased thirst and weakness, I had a doubt whether he was suffering from Cushing’s disease or kidney problems. I was waiting to see if the symptoms would subside by then, but the symptoms were growing like vomiting and diarrhea and sudden weight loss. I couldn’t wait anymore and so took him to the vet. They said he had kidney problems tagging it as chronic kidney disease.

Although the vet gave for some medications, he did emphasize me to take utmost care on the diet of Brunie. The food your dog eats plays a vital role in his general health and well-being. To an extent, you can also keep him safe from kidney problems if proper and healthy diet is given. Our vet recommended to feed him with diets free of protein, phosphorus and salt. I had a misconception that dogs should be fed with protein rich diet to keep them healthy and strong. But this statement was actually confusing. What my Vet says is reducing protein levels can help restore normal acid-base levels. He further says that phosphorus restriction seems important in reducing the severity of the clinical signs and progression of kidney damage. Instead, he recommended to provide my dog with a balanced nutrition. Learn all about Treating Kidney Problem In Dogs in this guide.

If your dog has kidney problems, giving him right nutrition can create a positive impact on your dog’s health and quality of life. For accurate diagnosis and treatment options, always consult your veterinarian and ask them to recommend the best food for your dog‘s kidney health. Also, do not forget to ask for natural supplements for canine kidney health.

Kidney Support Gold For Treating Kidney Disease In Dogs – Approved By Vets

Kidneys can be damaged by variety reasons including infection, injury, cancer and accumulation of toxins. This damage is usually irreversible. Kidney disease in dogs is common, but with the right diagnosis and treatment, you can limit the conditions.

I wanted to make sure my Brunie gets the best medicine for his body, and so did my vet help me in this. Personally am a natural remedy lover, wanted natural medication to feed my pet. Knowing my taste and having well-heard about the effectiveness of this product, our vet recommended Kidney Support Gold for my pet. This is how I came to know about Kidney Support Gold, but trust me, this product actually worked for my Brunie. I must say, this is his second life. I can see a dramatic change in his energy levels and symptoms. Today, he seems to be very active and barely shows symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

Kidney Support Gold natural drops – Treating Kidney Disease in Dogs

Kidney Support Gold is a natural support for dog kidney disease from Petwellbeing. This unique natural formula is a powerful combination of herbal ingredients tested by holistic veterinarians. The result is an excellent formula for aging dogs and dogs with kidney diseases. The effects of Kidney Support Gold have been studied for tonic actions. Each of the herbs in the formulation of Kidney Support Gold have been scientifically tested to ensure maximum efficacy. They help maintain vitality and provide nutrition to your pet in a way for easy absorption.

Features of Kidney Support Gold

  • Helps boost your pet’s energy levels
  • Reduces the urge for frequent urination and thirst
  • Controls appetite and balances weight
  • Improves general vitality
  • Provides immune support

Ingredients Of Kidney Support Gold for dogs

  • Cordyceps mycelium – this is a potent ingredient used in the formulation of Kidney Support Gold. This medicinal mushroom works as a great tonic for energy, vigor, boosting immune system and for the proper functioning of liver and kidneys. Cordyceps mycelium possess strong anti-oxidant properties. It contains amino acids, some Vitamin B, minerals, enzymes and sterols.
  • Rehmannia root – this is one of the vital herb that is famous in traditional Chinese medicines. It is known to purify the blood, increase vitality and support capillary integrity.
  • Dong quai root – is an ancient herb used widely in China for health and as a food. It helps to carry oxygen to tissues and support normal blood flow. You can use dong quai root in conjunction with Astralagus for proper functioning of kidneys. It helps to balance normal hormone levels in the body.
  • Astralagus root – protects against free radicals and is widely used for immune health. Studies show that astralagus in conjunction with dong quai root can normalize gene expression and help maintain a stable kidney function. As a matter of fact, many Vets deem Astralagus root as one of the key ingredient in treating kidney disease in dogs.

Uses of Kidney Support Gold

Long term use of Petwellbeing Kidney Support Gold helps in supporting normal renal function. Following are some of the benefits you get by using Kidney Support Gold.

  • Helps in the maintenance of normal level of blood urea and creatinine
  • Supports the health of nephrons (part of kidney that help in filtering the blood)
  • Assists in treating Kidney Disease in Dogs by boosting immune system by responding to bacteria and viruses
  • Supports normal fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Helps to maintain normal protein that excretes via urine.

How To Administer Kidney Support gold?

Administer Kidney Support Gold orally twice daily. Give one drop for every 2 lb of body weight up to 50 lb. For dogs weighing over 50 lb, add one drop per additional 4 lb.

Herbs For Kidney Disease In Dogs

If you still feel Kidney Support Gold does not meet your expectation, you can go for herbal remedies to treat your dog’s kidney disease. There is no big difference in the results when using Kidney Support Gold or these following herbs as both come up with same results.

  • Hawthorn – increases renal circulation
  • Echinacea – for immune boosting as it possess anti-bacterial properties.
  • Dandelion leaf – increases urine output
  • Ginkgo – improves the muscle tone of blood vessels in the kidney and reduces inflammation of the urinary tract.
  • Marshmallow – reduces inflammation

With these above herbs, you can actually make a recipe for your dog, like a tincture formula. Give 1/4 teaspoon per 20 pounds twice daily, away from meals if possible. I didn’t go for this, as I was very much happy with Kidney Support Gold formula.

While treating Kidney Disease in Dogs, make sure your furry friend drinks plenty of water to keep him hydrated. Other herbs that you can include for treating kidney problems in dogs are astralagus, goldenrod, alfalfa and couch grass.