Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract Reviews

Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract Reviews -NATURAL Urinary Tract Support in Dogs. An all natural remedy which can help with your dog’s kidney and bladder problems. Promotes natural cleansing and healing.

Bladder infections can be terrifying if not dealt in a holistic way. The pain, feeling of urgency, leaking bits of urine actually causes havoc in our lives. Dogs also undergo such tormenting health issues from time to time. Urinary tract infections and tract stones are highly common in the case of dogs. These conditions are painful and giving the right treatment is the key to restoring normal health. Can Vetisse juniper jump extract help to support urinary tract infections in dogs?

Let us take a look at Vetisse juniper jump extract and its working mechanism. Is it better than the antibiotics that accompany side effects along with them?

When we humans have Urinary tract infections, we do try a number of things like home remedies and natural treatment methods. Some rely on allopathic medicines like antibiotics and chemical diuretics. However, what do dogs do and how do you know if they such issues. Well, it solely depends on the pet owner how closely he keeps an eye on his dog and his hygiene.

Features Of Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract

  • Specifically formulated natural remedy for dogs
  • Aids support for the healthy functioning of kidneys
  • Restores normal bladder functions
  • Offers support against urinary discomforts associated with UTI’s.
  • Prevent pathogen growth inside the urinary tract, especially bacterial growth
  • Helps to deal with inflammation commonly associated with UTI’s.
  • A natural cleanser
  • Heals the urinary tract safely

Before getting into the details of the product, first, you need to understand the signs that point towards a possible UTI in your dog.

When dogs suffer from UTI’s they strain a lot while urinating and you can even see blood in their urine. If your dog has taken a shortcut from your house training then it signals a bladder issue. It is difficult to notice blood in a dog’s urine unless you see it accidentally. Usually, it is difficult to understand if you are not aware of your dogs urinating habits. The best thing to do is keeping an eye on his urinating habits and if there, is any deviating then check for the following symptoms.

  • Frequent urination
  • Crying while urinating
  • Polyuria ( passing large volume of urine)
  • Over intake of water
  • Straining to urinate
  • Urgency to urinate quite often
  • Breaking housetraining and urinating everywhere
  • Incontinence and blood in the urine
  • Cloudy urine and Smelly urine
  • Lazy and depressed
  • Reduced appetite
  • Fever and irritation
  • Inflammation around the external genitalia
  • Licking genitalia excessively

What Is Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract?

Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract is an alternative medication exclusively made from natural herbs and extracts. The main aim of this medication is to maintain a healthy urinary tract in dogs. Urinary tract infections are painful and cause huge discomfort in the dog’s life. It takes away the quality of life and makes it restless.

People often complain that their dogs groom their genitals excessively and this happens when there is a UTI running behind. If you actually pay close attention to your dog’s activities then you can actually find a few similar symptoms as listed above. If you find signs of urinary tract infections, do not panic instead try the Vetisse juniper jump extract. It keeps the kidney and bladder problems at bay. Vetisse juniper jump extract props up urinary mucosa resistance that battles against bacteria. This natural remedy is highly recommended to clear infections of the urinary tract and lead a normal life in dogs.

This remedy is popular due to the blend of natural herbs and extracts it utilizes. Juniper jump extract controls the growth of pathogens, lessens inflammation and pain associated with urinary tract infections. This remedy is also a great add-on for those dogs suffering from chronic urinary health problems. It works as an antiseptic and heals the damaged cells. It also helps to rebuild the tissues in the urinary tract and prevent the formation of stones.

Why Juniper Jump Extract Is Better Than Allopathic Cures For UTI?

Consider the case when a dog suffers from UTI and you visit a doctor. He will run a diagnosis and finally come to the point by prescribing antibiotics. What do these antibiotics do by the way? They get into action and straight away kill all the pathogens and bacteria causing the infection. As a compliment, some also prescribe diuretic so that your dog will urinate heavily and find pain relief. In addition, excess urination will flush off all the pathogens.

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However, the point is allopathic cures do not address the root cause of the whole issue. These medicines do not target the cause of the problems instead just clear up the infection. Therefore, what happens next is that the dog has a high risk of getting the UTI back after the effect of antibiotics fade away. Another problem is that these medicines come with unwanted side effects.

Now take the case of Vetisse juniper jump extract, this remedy contains natural ingredients that cleanse the whole body and boost the immunity of the system. It helps to cleanse and detoxify the urinary tract thoroughly. The ingredients work from the root levels and clear up the infection swiftly. Moreover, this medicine does not have any side effects.


  • Juniper berry – Juniper berries are full of powerful oils that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and carminative properties. The juniper berry helps to purify the blood and eliminate all the wastes via the urinary tract. It is highly effective in eliminating kidney and bladder stones along with clearing up urinary tract infections.
  • Parsley root – this herb has many medicinal properties and it is highly famous herb among herbalists. Parsley helps to treat kidney stones and urinary tract infections. It helps to remove toxins and free radicals from the body. Parsley is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, vitamins ( K, C, A) and minerals like iron. It also has a diuretic effect, which helps to flush out bacteria and free radicals via the urinary tract. Parsley helps to clear up the infection by killing the bacteria.
  • Uva Ursi leaf – this herb contains loads of hydroquinones in their extracts and this is what helps in treating urinary tract infections. Hydroquinone is a chemical compound that prevents the growth of a variety of pathogens. The chemical compound arbutin turns to hydroquinone inside the urinary tract and works as an antiseptic. Herbalists across the world use this remedy to treat UTI infections in pets and humans.

Other Ingredients

  • Marshmallow root – marshmallow root has a wide range of medicinal properties. It helps to treat asthma, digestion problems, body odor, and urinary tract infections. It contains immune stimulating compounds that have antimicrobial properties. Most of the natural remedies intended for domestic animals contain this ingredient.
  • Lobelia herb – Lobelia or Indian tobacco is a flowering plant, which has extensive medicinal uses. It helps to detoxify the body and flush out toxins effectively. It purifies the blood and helps to maintain a healthy skin.
  • Ginger root – ginger helps to remove the acidic nature of urine especially when there is a urinary tract infection. This helps to prevent the burning sensation and pain. It also acts as a diuretic by stimulating the kidney and bladder to restore to its normal functions. It induces copious urination and helps to get rid of inflammation.
  • Goldenseal root – Goldenseal contain berberine and a few alkaloids that help to prevent the growth of bacteria. It has the ability to stimulate the immune system. This root prevents the bacteria from remaining of the wall of the bladder.
  • Couch grass rhizome – Couch grass rhizome is highly rich with mucilage content. This herb has diuretic properties as it contains carbs like mannitol and inulin. It induces urination by stimulating the kidneys. This herb is a common ingredient in many traditional remedies to treat urinary treat infections. It also helps to prevent kidney stones.

Dosage & Warnings Of Juniper Jump Extract

  • Dogs less than 25lbs – give 1ml twice on a daily basis for two weeks
  • Dogs over 75lbs – give 4ml twice daily

You can mix this natural remedy directly into your dog’s food or feed it directly into his mouth, provided he is not a fussy friend.
Vetisse Juniper Jump Extract is a natural supplement and it safe for long-term use. If your dog has chronic urinary health problems, you can have a word with your doctor else it is totally fine. In addition, the herbs present in this remedy are strong so it is not recommended for pregnant and feeding mothers. Try to follow the recommended dosage based on the size of the dog for best results.

Customer Reviews

Vetisse juniper jump extract is a promising remedy that helps pet owners to deal with such problems in an easy manner. Many naturopaths and herbalist recommend this natural remedy for treating urinary tract infections and its related symptoms. The majority of the buyers say that this product is effective and safe for long-term use.

Here is what a few reviews had to say

“My Great Dane had constant urinary tract infections and every time I take him to the vet I get a list of antibiotics. I used to give him initially but later I myself felt that the antibiotic intake is going beyond the limits. Later a friend of mine suggested taking my dog to a naturopath. He recommended this juniper jump and asked me to come back after a month. I was skeptical using this product but it was working. It worked and it helped my dog to feel easy. He was no more having such problems. I have kept a stock of this remedy in case of any emergency.”

“I have a lab and two pugs living with me. It was as if I had constant issues with all the pets and sometimes I would go crazy. Vetisse juniper jump has made my life easier. It works and helps to clear off infections without any side effects. I mix the remedy along with the food and feed them. I have bid farewell to diuretics and expensive allopathic medicines. This product is worth recommending.”


Urinary tract infections are common in dogs and treating them is easy if you follow the right method. Keeping constant attention towards your dog’s daily routines will help you to identify problems at the early stage. When you find the signs, start taking Vetisse juniper jump for faster relief from pain and other symptoms. Vetisse juniper jump is a natural product and contains only natural ingredients. This product is safe and easy to use. Considering the price factor, it is easy and affordable. Why not try this product for a change and help heal your dog naturally rather than relying on medicine that brings heavy side effects.