Pet-Sentials Plus

Pet-Sentials Plus is an all-in-one solution for the problems related to general health. It covers all the above-mentioned factors of health.

Pet-Sentials Plus is a powdered dietary supplement for dogs to improve their overall health. The definition of good health is the same for humans and pets. They need to have a good amount of energy, better digestion, good immune system, strong bones, shiny coat, good memory and better fitness and endurance. It is also important to maintain these qualities.

Pet-Sentials Plus is an all-in-one solution for the problems related to general health. It covers all the above-mentioned factors of health. It promotes the good health of the young dogs and helps in the healing and longevity of the older ones. Pet-Sentials Plus is nothing short of a miracle supplement that is suitable and beneficial for all dogs.

Benefits of Pet-Sentials Plus supplement for dogs

  • Pet-Sentials Plus provides for the daily nutrition for the dogs
  • It helps in the absorption of the food by promoting better digestion
  • It provides more energy and endurance for the body to have the busy bodies sustain day long.
  • Promotes longevity in the older dogs
  • It supports better oral health and strong bones.
  • Pet-Sentials Plus supplies the building blocks for joints and bones
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It can speed up the recovery period and healing process in dogs
  • Makes the coat shinier and healthier.
  • Boosts memory and vitality of the pets

When to give Pet-Sentials Plus

You really don’t need a reason to give Pet-Sentials Plus to your pets. You can give it to maintain their good health and supply the daily nutrition.

It is most useful for those dogs that have a poor digestive system. The dogs that have frequent allergies, clearly have a poor immune system. Pet-Sentials Plus can strengthen their immunity and reduce the allergies.

Ageing dogs would need something extra in their diet to keep up with the ageing process and to keep them healthier. It is the time when they are more vulnerable and in need of a helping hand. Pet-Sentials Plus serves as the perfect companion that promotes the general health, cardiovascular health, and their immunity.

Pet-Sentials Plus ingredients

Noni fruit

Noni fruit is one of the most powerful ingredients in Pet-Sentials Plus. It has anti-parasitic property that prevents the infestations of flea and other insects. It can also prevent the invasion of worms. This fruit fights infections by microbes. It reduces inflammation and can reduce arthritis problems and the inflammations on the skin surface. It can very well be a replacement for antibiotics, steroids, and other drugs. Noni fruit can reduce stress and promote tissue and muscle regeneration. It is high in fiber and can promote the good health of teeth and bones. It can even reverse the premature ageing process. This fruit is high in fiber which is good for digestion.


Rhodiola is an adaptogen as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. It can reduce the nervous system disorders and speeds up the recovery process in dogs. It is a great stress reliever, even for dogs. Rhodiola supports the cardiovascular health and boosts the immune system. It reduces the number of injuries to the body. Rhodiola supplies more energy to the body and helps overcome the constant tiredness.

Soy Lecithin

Lecithin is a chief emulsifier in the food. It has several health benefits like being a source of choline, improving brain functions, treating depression, and protecting the liver etc. It has skin improving abilities. Soy Lecithin reduces the absorption of cholesterol from the food. It prevents the hair loss and dandruff. Promotes glossy and healthy coats and protects the skin. It aids in the memory boosting for older dogs and can fight eczema.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for the dog muscles. It promotes circulatory health and speeds up the healing of injuries. It prevents cell damage by being an antioxidant. Vitamin E keeps the dog skin healthier and their coat shinier and glossy. It reduces the flakiness on the skin and can boost the immunity. It can alleviate the disorientation and confusion by boosting the cognitive health. Vitamin E can even positively affect the sleep patterns.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are a good source of omega fatty acids that are good for the skin and coat of the dogs. It is also a good source of fiber that improves the digestion. It has lignans that improve the cardiovascular health. Flax seeds is also an effective tool in fighting cancer. It reduces blood pressure and can also ease the pain and inflammations of arthritis.

Pet-Sentials Plus dosage instructions

The dosage of Pet-Sentials Plus depends on the size and weight of the dog. The general dosage is 1 scoop full that is approximately 1 gm. The product comes with the measuring scoop in it. The dosage is,

  • Small dogs up to 15 lbs: 1 gm or ½ scoops for health maintenance and 1 scoop full for any therapeutic usage.
  • Medium dogs 15-39 lbs: 2 gm for maintenance and 4 gm for therapeutic purpose.
  • Larger dogs of 40-89 lbs need 3 gm or 1 ½ scoops for health maintenance and 6 gm or 3 scoops for treatments.
  • Giant sized dog breeds that weigh more than 90 lbs requires 4 gm or 2 scoops for their health maintenance and 9 gm or 4 ½ scoops for any therapeutic use.

The above mentioned are the daily doses. You may mix the required amount of Pet-Sentials Plus powder in their food. For the larger doses, divide the quantity equally over the different meals of the day. The cumulative amount should not exceed the daily limit.

Pet-Sentials Plus Side effects

There are no side effects of using Pet-Sentials Plus, as long as it does not exceed the daily limits. It may take a while to see the improvements in the pet so administering more amounts would not really help you.

The possible problems while having this supplement is diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting because of the excess fiber in the product. You must give more water to the pets while taking the supplement. It is better given with the wet food.

Pet-Sentials Plus reviews

  • Leigh-Ann Mancini says Pet-Sentials Plus helped her dogs get a healthier coat. It became smooth and silky.
  • Natalie says that her pets have got a better coat. It looks shinier and does not shed as much.
  • Jane says the improvement she saw in her pet is the shiny coat, better energy and it is also walking better
    without much limping. It has surely helped the joint health.
  • Christine says Pet-Sential Plus helped her dog to make him calmer and happier. The pet used to be very anxious. It has also helped his oral health and get a shiner coat as well.

Buy Pet-Sentials Plus

Pet-Sentials Plus is available from the online store CLE Holistic health. You can get a month’s supply at $68 now which is a discounted price. A single container has 240g of the powder. It is suitable for both dogs and cats. It takes about 3-5 business days for the shipping and delivery within USA and Canada. International shipment might take 7 or more days.

It is shipped to UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. For the other countries, you need to inquire at the customer service.

The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for the non-satisfied customers. The return policy includes the opened or non-opened containers.

The Verdict

Pet-Sentials Plus is a natural supplement that can do more benefits than any possible negative effects. It helps maintains the health as well as improve it. It can be used for several purposes including the common problems like digestion, infection, and inflammation. There are many positive reviews that would suggest you try it yourself and see how it works for your dogs. Happy petting!