Vetisse Milk Thistle

Vetisse Milk Thistle – Liver Support For Dogs. Vetisse Milk Thistle is used as an additional supplement to any liver treatment your pet may be receiving. It also helps with diabetic concerns.

Vetisse Milk Thistle is a dietary supplement meant for dogs and cats to help them with their treatment of liver. Milk Thistle is good for the liver health in dogs and could enhance its health by assisting with the treatments.

The liver is the organ for detoxification for the dogs and it is susceptible to many diseases like that of humans. Dogs can take this herbal extract as a support with their prescribed drugs. It helps improve the performance of the liver. It works in many other ways as well. Vetisse Milk Thistle is a safe supplement to use along with the prescription drugs.

Why Use Vetisse Milk Thistle For Dogs?

Dogs suffer number of liver diseases when compared with humans. Certain breeds are more susceptible to liver diseases than others. Though there are medications available to treat almost all kinds of liver diseases in dogs, it doesn’t hurt to go natural way once a while. In fact, it helps the dog far better than the chemical drugs.

Milk Thistle happens to be one of the popular natural remedies for liver. Vetisse comes up with this herbal preparation that can go with the current treatment plan.

The reason why you should try this remedy on your dog is that it contains a special group of compounds, silymarin that can work as a liver tonic and bring life back to the liver.

Moreover, Vetisse Milk Thistle uses no amount of alcohol in its preparation. The formula uses only purified water and glycerin as the inactive ingredients other than the lone active ingredient. It stays safe for dogs and also for their liver under these vulnerable conditions.

Benefits Of Vetisse Milk Thistle For Dogs

  • Vetisse Milk Thistle uses nothing but the pure extract of the plant and nothing else in their preparation. You don’t need to go through the entire ingredients list, there is only one ingredient. This is powerful enough to relieve, heal, and protect the liver cells. Milk Thistle can reduce inflammations, tumor formation, and detoxify the body.
  • The first benefit of Vetisse Milk Thistle is that it is an antioxidant that protects the liver cells from the toxins around. The free radicals in the dog’s body could avoid the oxidation of the liver cells and let them live longer and perform well.
  • The next point is that the Milk Thistle protects the liver cells from the drugs the dog consume. The drugs are also nothing but toxins but they come with specific targets. When taken for a longer period, they turn into real toxins that will attack the liver. Having Vertisse Milk Thistle as a supplement, will save the liver from this disaster, and protect the liver cells from further damage.

Other Benefits

  • A liver disease is not an easy situation it weakens the liver and there would be less detoxification of the body than normal. Under these conditions, the liver needs a helping hand to keep up the business and this dietary supplement comes handy and as a savior.
  • Vetisse Milk Thistle is useful for treating diseases such as liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, gallbladder disorders and toxin-induced liver damage etc. Under these conditions, this herb could heal the damage and bring harmony to the liver and its associates.
  • It promotes the growth of newer liver cells to replace the damaged ones.
  • It helps in the thinning of the bile and saving the gall bladder.
  • It can also boost the immune system with its antioxidant capacity.

Vetisse Milk Thistle Dosage

The dosage of Vetisse Milk Thistle depends on the weight of the dog. The dosage increases with the body weight of the dog. The dosage details would be like,

  • 1 ml for dogs weighing 0-25 lbs
  • 2 ml for dogs weighing between 26-50 lbs
  • 3 ml for dogs with a weight of 51-75 lbs
  • 4 ml for all dogs weighing 76 lbs or above.

Give the recommended dosage 2 times a day. You can add the supplement drops in their food. 2 times a day dosage can improve the liver health and once a day dosage could maintain the better health. But, it is not meant as a long-term treatment option.

Stop administering the supplement after it has been used for 3-4 weeks. Take a break of 1 week and then restart.

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Milk Thistle is not safe for dogs that are pregnant or nursing their puppies. Some amount of discomfort is expected while using Milk Thistle. The common side effects of using Milk Thistle would be diarrhea and vomiting. There could also be cases of stomach gas as well. In the case of these side effects, just lower the dose. If you are administering the lowest dose, then switch it to once a day instead of 2. Adjust with the dosage to see if the condition improves. If not, stop using and consult the vet.

Precautions While Using Vetisse Milk Thistle

Start giving Milk Thistle only if the vet approves of it. Some dogs may not be able to take the extra dose or have other health issues to deal with.

Milk Thistle is a powerful herbal remedy for liver diseases but when used on a healthy liver, for a long term, it can slow down its functions. So just use it as part of treatment only. Stop the usage when you see major improvement.

Finally, Milk Thistle could interfere with the other drugs in rare cases and affect the metabolism of them. It could also stimulate the hormones and create and an imbalance.


Though Vetisse Milk Thistle is mainly meant as a remedy for liver diseases in dogs, it is found to have positive effects on kidney diseases as well. Dogs with kidney diseases could benefit with this dietary supplement.

One thing to remember always is that Vetisse Milk Thistle is not a treatment in itself; it can be used to enhance the other treatment methods. It is mainly focusing on the liver recovery than solving the problem at hand.